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Juzo Liner Silver

With antibacterial effect, versatile use
Art. 9640

Juzo Liner Silver

With antibacterial effect, versatile use
Art. 9640

Protects particularly sensitive skin

Thanks to its soft knitted fabric, Juzo Liner Silver is particularly comfortable to wear and the perfect liner stocking for patients with extremely sensitive skin. The stockings do not exert compression and are therefore particularly easy and gentle to put on and take off. Juzo Liner Silver offers permanent skin protection and, thanks to the knitted-in silver thread, also has an antibacterial effect. It is perfect for securing special pressure pads and for protecting wound dressings when putting on and taking off compression stockings.

For more information or to order your garment, please contact us by telephone or email – please see our contact details. You can find the sizing chart for the product in the download section of our website.

Product information



  • Antibacterial, therefore especially recommended for patient with sensitive skin
  • Soft, fine mesh knitted fabric
  • Can be combined with flat-knitted or short-stretch circular-knitted open toe compression stockings.


The product is available in the standard sizes S / M or L / XL. Please see the size chart for exact measurements. Measurements should be taken by trained experts.


Instructions for use

The instructions for use for your product, including the indications, are available here:

If you have any impairment that makes it difficult for you to read or understand the instructions for use, please contact our customer service at info@juzo.com

Area of use

  • For inflamed, sensitive and stressed skin
  • For infected wounds, for follow-up treatment of venous ulcers
  • For chronic skin conditions, dermatitis, contact eczema
  • For integrating wound dressings used to treat small skin lesions
  • Provides a slip-free hold for special pads used in the treatment of complicated cases