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Julius – the little helper

Treatment of a burn injury, scald or lymphoedema can often take a long time. Children in particular need a lot of  support to ensure the necessary compliance for successful healing. With “Julius – the little helper”, Juzo wants to help affected children and their parents through the difficult time after an accident. The happy underwater creature aims to inspire children and encourage them to wear their compression garment consistently to promote healing.

Julius helps children to understand that nothing is impossible and allows them to find their way back to a normal life. Julius offers help and support in a playful and fun way.

Julius iron-on patches

There are cute images of Julius and his friends available as iron-on patches for paediatric compression garments. 

Iron-on patches are available for all ScarComfort products for scar therapy and oedema therapy compression products (f. e. Juzo Expert).

Julius games area

Particularly for the children:

Julius children‘s books

Julius gives children courage during their treatment and shows them in exciting reading adventures that it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible and get back to normal life even after an accident.

Julius colouring pages

A number of colouring pages are available for downloading. They can be downloaded for free by the parents or the children and be brought to the specialist when coloured.

Information for parents

Interesting facts

A family sits at the table. The daughter has a scar on her arm.

Scar therapy

Discover our scar therapy products.

A woman on a bar wearing compression stockings.


In lymphoedema, protein-rich lymph fluid accumulates in the tissue and is not properly removed by the body.

Patient stories

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