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Compression garments for the lower limb

For lipoedema, lymphoedema or water retention after surgery: Juzo Expert products are characterised by a premium fit for maximised mobility, pleasant wearing-comfort and optimal compression. Compression garments for the legs must provide the perfect fit as the desired effect can only be achieved if you enjoy and often wear your compression stockings or compression pantyhose. As an added benefit, compression garments are available in a wide variety of trendy and wearable colours that mix and match perfectly.

Lifestyle image Juzo Soft
Juzo Soft

Super soft for feel good moments
Art. 2001, 2002

Lifestyle image Juzo Move
Juzo Move

Patented knit for easy donning and doffing
Art. 3611, 3612, 3613

Juzo Expert compression tights with knee functional zone
Juzo Expert / Expert Strong compression stockings and compression tights

For effective oedema treatment of the legs
Art. 3021, 3022, 3023, 3024, 3051, 3052, 3053, 3054

Product image - Juzo toe cap with open toes
Juzo Expert / Expert Strong compression toe caps

For individual treatment of oedemas in the forefoot and toe area
Art. 3021, 3022, 3051, 3052

Woman doing sports
Juzo Classic Seamless stocking

Seamless compression for lymphology
Art. 2301, 2302

Lifestyle image Juzo Inspiration
Juzo Inspiration

Lifestyle and design elegantly combined
Art. 2701, 2702, 2781, 2782

Lifestyle image Juzo Adventure
Juzo Adventure

The all-rounder for active men and women
Art. 3521, 3522

Lifestyle Image Juzo Dynamic
Juzo Dynamic including Silver / Cotton

Reliably durable
Art. 3511, 3512, 3513

Juzo Intenso
Juzo Intenso

The strong stocking with a soft side
Art. 3812, 3813

Juzo Basic pantyhose in Almond
Juzo Basic

Proven quality for everyday life
Art. 3411, 3412

Lifestyle image Juzo Ulcer Pro
Juzo Ulcer Pro

The compression stocking system for the treatment of venous leg ulcers
Art. 3073

Product image Juzo Ulcer System
Juzo Ulcer System

The efficient system for treating venous leg ulcers
Art. 3573, 2561

Product image - Juzo above-knee stump shrinker
Juzo Expert stump shrinkers

For individual oedema treatment on arms and legs
Art. 3021, 3022

Juzo Liner in colour Silver
Juzo Liner Silver

With antibacterial effect, versatile use
Art. 9640

Woman wearing Juzo Compression Wrap
Juzo Compression Wrap

An adjustable compression system (compression levels 30-60 mmHg)
Art. 6000LF, 6000 LC, 6081