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Julius – the little helper

The treatment of burns or scalds can often take a long time. Children in particular need a lot of support to ensure the necessary compliance for successful healing.

With “Julius – the little helper”, Juzo wants to help affected children and their parents through the difficult time after an accident – and support medical products suppliers with a variety of promotional materials. “Julius” is not just the name of a funny little figure that accompanies young patients throughout their entire scar therapy like a mascot, it is also a broad-based campaign to support medical products suppliers and provide information to families. The happy underwater creature aims to inspire children and encourage them to wear their compression garment consistently to promote healing. The usefulness of such a companion has been proven in studies by the World Health Organisation (WHO): according to their data, patient compliance is only 50 percent. This means that every second person does not behave in the manner advised by their doctors and therapists.

Julius aims to provide encouragement

With Julius, children and their parents now have a little helper who supports and accompanies them through the difficult time after an accident – from the first point of care in the hospital to the end of the compression therapy in the specialist medical shop. Through Julius, the children also learn that it is possible to achieve the “impossible”, and he helps them find their way back to a normal life. Most of all, however, Julius aims to be playful and supporting in a fun and loving way, because laughter is the best medicine.

Informative website especially for parents

The extremely popular “Julius” iron-on patches are now available for children’s compression garments. And Juzo has created a special website for its little helper. At www.juliusbyjuzo.com, parents can find relevant information on skin injuries and the course of scar therapy, examples of children that have undergone successful treatment as well as important contact details. For affected children, Julius offers e.g. audio books, colouring pages and games. The “Encouraging quotes from kids” section offers are a great way for kids to help each other through difficult times.

The microsite:


The Julius microsite contains different sections for parents and children:

Julius informs
Information on the skin, burns and scalds and the therapy process – specifically for parents.

Julius knows children like you

Reports on children that were successfully treated for burns, etc. by Juzo.

Julius has the answer
Tips about the therapy process, important contact details and terms.

Julius games area
Especially for young patients – here you can find downloads for audio books, colouring pages, games and screen backgrounds.

Julius – the little helper webpage

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