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JuzoPro Patella Xtec Plus

Orthosis to change the path of the patella
Art. 1812 

JuzoPro Patella Xtec Plus

Orthosis to change the path of the patella
Art. 1812 

Patella path influencing, with elements that can be removed according to the indication 
The JuzoPro Patella Xtec Plus is used to treat patellofemoral pain syndrome. The orthosis features a pad that, thanks to its nubs, stimulates the muscles on the inside of the thigh (m. vastus medialis). The horseshoe-shaped pad is constructed in such a way that the patella can be centred using the closure mechanism. A second pad relieves the patellar tendon and alleviates pain thanks to its nubs. 

In the acute phase, it is recommended that patients wear the JuzoPro Patella Xtec Plus orthosis as this counteracts swelling thanks to the compression class 2 compression knit. As treatment success continues, elements can be removed from the orthosis in consultation with the doctor. To do this, the JuzoPro Patella Xtec Plus must be turned inside out. Then remove the centring pad and attach it to the included patellar tendon strap using the touch fastener.

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Product information



Functionality and fit

  • Breathable, temperature-regulating and skin-friendly microfibre fabric
  • Comfort zone at the back of the knee
  • Particularly stretchable zone above the patella ring
  • Bilateral spiral stays

Double-stretch strap system

  • To guide and correct the patella
    • To centre the patella
    • To correct a high-riding patella

Centring pad

  • Targeted stimulation nubs
  • Small nubs exerting a massage effect on the tuberosity of the tibia (tuberositas tibiae)
  • Larger, raised nubs with a massage and stimulating effect on the infrapatellar fat pad (Hoffa’s fat pad)
  • Skin-friendly pad coating
  • Positioning using micro touch fastener
  • Micro touch fastener prevents sticking to clothing

Asymmetric guidance pad

  • To guide and correct the patella with stimulating nubs
  • Lateral massage elements to reduce muscle tension (detonisation)
  • Medial stimulation elements to activate the muscles (toning)

Comprehensive treatment

Easy modification of the orthosis

Flat knit
Comfort knit
Especially breathable
Functional zone



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Instructions for use

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