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The world of Juzo at a glance

The Juzo universe comprises various initiatives, brands and sponsoring partners – here you will find an overview of all Juzo worlds. Discover the diversity that is Juzo.

Our team at sportomedix develops innovative products for athletes, combining medical expertise and state-of-the-art technologies. EquiCrown transfers the successes of compression therapy to veterinary medicine and offers special medical compression bandages for horses. Our FRAUENSACHE initiative is the platform for living with lipoedema. Here, strong women report on their everyday lives, support each other and exchange tips and information. In the area of scar therapy, there is our little helper Julius, who supports children and their parents in scar therapy after burns or scalds.



Innovative sports products that combine sports medicine expertise and state-of-the-art technologies


Die Beine eines Pferdes


Everything regarding lymphatic and compression therapy for horses


Frauensache Kampagnen Models


The lipoedema platform with information, tips and exchange of experiences


Julius der kleine Helfer in der Narbentherapie


The little helper and encourager for children and their parents during compression therapy