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Wedding with compression

Getting married in compression stockings? This might raise a few eyebrows for some lipoedema patients – but not so for Marlene Urbanik. The 29-year old fashion-obsessed Marlene has taken the plunge and offers a few practical tips for the big day.

Marlene’s big day

“Many of us think of getting married in compression stockings as a problem. I know the feeling all too well. When the day finally arrived, on the 11th of November 2017, everything worked out perfectly, just as I had hoped and dreamed. Definitely one of the most wonderful days of my life. That’s why I’m sharing this tip with you now: let this be the wedding of your imagination and dreams – meet your own expectations, not the expectations of others. No doubt, the wedding preparations are stressful and stress does not exactly have a positive effect on your lipoedema. So be gentle with your yourself, don’t overload your body and take some time out here and there because you want to feel great on your wedding day, not exhausted.”

Elegant with lace border

“Wearing compression garments on the day of your own wedding is not easy. That’s why it’s so important for you to feel good! I would advise against any experiments. Because I was wearing a classic short dress, I opted for skin-colour compression garments.

If you are wearing stockings, here’s my tip for you: silicone borders generally are available in different designs. I opted for a lace border which makes the stockings look more fashionable. You could also wear pantyhose over the compression garment. It gives a more elegant effect to the stockings.”

Bride with lace border

Insider tip – dancing shoes

Shoes of the bride

“Think about the importance of shoes when planning your wedding outfit. Uncomfortable shoes and sore feet can really make your life miserable. Female lymphoedema and lipoedema patients can relate to that, their legs are suffering even without uncomfortable shoes.

My insider tip:
dancing shoes! There are many models in different colours that can be worn all day long. My wedding shoes had a small heel but were really comfortable because of their good material and did not constrict my swelling feet.

Last but not least, I would advise everyone who’s intending to get married to not focus on their condition on this important day. Think about the important things: you have found someone you love and who loves you. On your wedding day, you should forget all your worries and celebrate the good things life has to offer!”

More tips from Marlene!

Think about your care products!

“Always have the wedding date in the back of your mind. Think about when you can collect your new prescription and how long the delivery of the compression garment will take. Ideally you should order a replacement garment
to arrive in good time before the big date. For the exact planning and setting of the wedding date, you should be able to wear the required compression garment on the day of your wedding.”

Choose the right date!

“Look for a solution to potential problems from the very beginning. I for one am finding it difficult to dance or stand for long periods when it’s too warm. That’s why we have opted for a winter wedding. I don’t have to worry about my legs suffering due to higher temperatures.”

Just be happy!

Getting married is a wonderful experience, a great day. Of course it’s not easy getting married in your compression garments, but this is just a small part of the overall experience. We should be happy on our big day and focus on the positive things in our life. I wish you a fantastic wedding day!”

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