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JuzoFlex Epi Xtra

Elbow support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 1850

JuzoFlex Epi Xtra

Elbow support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 1850

Effective protection with high wearing comfort

The elbow support is particularly suited to the treatment of inflamed tendon insertions, e.g. the so-called tennis elbow, or elbow joint effusion. The Epi Xtra features an oval comfort zone in the crook of the elbow to prevent pressure sore and constrictions. The special knit of the comfort zone ensures that any creases that will inevitably form when bending the elbow are guided to the outside of the support.

Two anatomically shaped silicone pressure pads with friction nubs provide a massage-like effect during movement, which takes the pressure off muscle insertions and supports muscle function. The pads feature cutouts at the epicondyles (the raised bony parts at the lower end of the upper arm bone), thereby relieving the area from compression.
With its perfect anatomical fit, Juzo’s Epi Xtra provides lasting relief and stabilization to the joint while still allowing adequate freedom of movement.

The optimum protection afforded by the Epi Xtra is supplemented by a high degree of wearing comfort: the Epi Xtra is made from a breathable microfibre knit that wicks moisture away from the skin and is temperature-regulating. Thanks to the innovative and skin-friendly high-tech fabric, the elbow support provides a pleasant wearing comfort even during prolonged wear.

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Product information



  • Two anatomical silicone pressure pads with friction nubs and epicondylar cutouts
  • Anatomically knitted elbow support
  • Innovative high-tech fabric for an optimum skin environment
  • Comfort zone in the crook of the elbow: prevents creasing, pressure sores or constrictions
  • Reduced pressure at the top borders
Especially breathable
Flat knit
Functional zone
Comfort knit



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