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Juzo ScarPrime

Product for immediate treatment, in standard sizes 

ScarPrime products can be used for immediate treatment, or for short-time or temporary compression therapy. The compression products can be used as soon as the wound has closed. Compression therapy helps to accelerate scar maturation until the scar is completely healed. To ensure rapid treatment, ScarPrime products are available in standard sizes. As a result, they can shipped immediately upon order, and are suitable for keeping as stock items. Custom-made Juzo ScarComfort knitted fabrics should then be used for long-term care.

Juzo ScarPrime Light, leggings, black
Juzo ScarPrime Light

Garment for post-operative treatment, shortenable, made of innovative Clean-Cut material
Art. 4000

Juzo ScarPrime Seamless, short model, colour: Beige
Juzo ScarPrime Seamless

Seamless, postoperative compression products
Art. 9058

 ScarPrime Direct, leggings (women) ,Black
Juzo ScarPrime Direct

Compression products in standard sizes for immediate treatment
Art. 3016

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With the right scar therapy, the appearance and function of many scars can be positively influenced.